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Gattis gets it.

Alaska needs fresh ideas, bold vision, and new leadership.

And that's exactly what Lynn brings to the table.


About LynN

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I was blessed to grow up in Alaska. From fields and skies to the boardrooms and chambers of government, I have spent my entire life trying to learn and live out what it means to truly be an Alaskan. And after years of service inside and outside of government, my family and I have made the decision to run for Lieutenant Governor.

The role of Lieutenant Governor is far more important to our state than people give it credit for. Too often, politicians use it as a platform to position themselves to run for Governor rather than focusing on the duties that rest on the office. Those neglected duties - ensuring election integrity, being an Ambassador for our state's economy, and using the office to advocate for fiscal stability - are the ones I intend to focus on when serving as your next Lieutenant Governor.

My husband and I have raised our family in this great state, and, like you, we want to see Alaska continue to be a great place to live, work, and raise a family. This election will determine the direction of our state for decades to come, and we need leaders who understand what role Alaska is playing, has played, and should play on the world stage. 

I'd be honored to serve you and your family in this capacity as the 15th Lieutenant Governor of Alaska, and I'm asking for your vote and support.



We can't recycle the same old ideas and expect them to solve our problems. Politics as usual isn't going to cut it anymore in Alaska, and we need leaders who are okay with making tough - and sometimes unpopular - decisions.