Lynn Gattis is a lifelong Alaskan business woman, property owner, and advocate…

She understands fiscal responsibility and appreciates the importance of jobs and the economy; she advocates for fair land use and resource development; and she knows the significance of education for the future of all Alaskans. Lynn understands the meaning of public-private partnerships that work to create good jobs and a produce a bright economic future for our state. She supports government that maintains reasonable and stable taxes, enacts meaningful regulations, provides quality education, supports reasonable cost of energy, provides public safety, and insists upon high neighborhood livability.

“I am running for re-election for Alaska State House in Wasilla, District 7, and I need your support and your vote in August and November 2014. I look forward to learning from the residents of District 7, my neighbors, what they feel is important to Wasilla and Alaska.”



Representative Gattis

Lynn was elected to the House of Representatives for District 7 in 2012, and has been involved and actively working for its residents in Juneau.




More About Lynn

Lynn is a lifelong Alaskan, pilot, farmer and business owner who has lived in different areas of the state. Lynn and her family moved to the Mat Su over 25 years ago and raised their children here. Lynn has an undergraduate degree from the University of Alaska Anchorage in Aviation Tech and worked for several aviation companies in the state for many years while moving through the ranks.


Before getting involved with electoral politics, Lynn served on many local boards within her community, including being a board member of the Goose Creek Citizens Advisory Board, the Pt. Mackenzie Comprehensive Plan and the Alaska Transportation Council. She has also been involved in many aspects within the Cub Scout and Boy Scout communities as well as earning the coveted “Lord Baden Powel Award” – she continues to support their endeavors.


In 2010, Lynn was elected to the Mat-Su School Board and then to the Alaska State Legislature in November of 2012, representing the Greater Wasilla area. Lynn is currently Chair of the House Education Committee, Co-Chair of the Mat-Su Valley Delegation and also serves in the Transportation, Fisheries, State Affairs and Economic Development & Tourism Committees. She is also co-chair of the Sustainable Education Task Force and was appointed to serve as a member of the Education Commission of the States.